Friday, December 30, 2011

A Sense of Family ~

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a guest on Rural Route Radio broadcasted on the Plains of America and through the Midwest. I love when I am asked to be on radio, it is really a lot of fun. ( in my other life I will be a radio host) Anyway, yesterday we talked about family and it got me thinking about what makes a family so I thought I would blog about it.

For many if you ask them what is a family they would more than likely say mom, dad and kids. Thinking I am probably right in thinking that way but many of us might not have kids or only have one mom or a dad but not both due to divorce or death or some other circumstance.  And what about grandma and grandpa? Some have gone before us , some of us are lucky to still have them. And then there are aunts and uncles and cousins.  I believe that there are no rules to family it is what you make it , it is who you connect with and who you love.

Do you have to be blood related to be family? No way! I believe some of us have friends that are like family and I believe agriculture is the cornerstone for many of these “family” relationships. Within the last year or so I have met numerous people I know and  consider them part of my bigger “agriculture family.”  Many of these folks have the same beliefs and appreciations as me . Do other industrys have this same family type connect?  What about the automobile industry, the health field, insurance and banking industry?  I am thinking probably not.  Why? I believe that we in agriculture are tied to the land, the fabric of America in all the farmlands across the USA and I am so lucky to be a part of a bigger picture.  I believe we can count on each other to lift us up when we are having a bad day or offer advice on issues happening in one community in middle America might be happening in the south – we have similar problems and similar successes. We are knitted together with the bond of agriculture and the love of the land and the animals and all the other things that go along with it .

So I ask you – what is your family?  It doesn’t have to be the traditional mom and dad and kids, it is the ones you surround yourself who support you , love you and wish for you to succeed.  May all of you enjoy a blessed 2012 with your “family.”

And for those of you that follow me just for fashion fun – here is todays Fashion Friday segment on Rural Route Radio – Take a listen and always eager for feedback!

See Y’all Next Year  (hee hee I love saying that)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Better Because of YOU ~

Its Christmas time and that means Christmas Eve mass with my family. During that time I always light a candle in honor of all of those who have gone before me, I reflect upon holidays past with them and the joy that they brought me while they were here on earth. I also light another candle for all of those who have made me better. This year its quite simple who I will think about ~ it is my fellow champions for agriculture, my fellow ag advocates.  Those who have taught me how to better get the conversations started, to share my own stories, to recreate my experiences for those that might not understand what we all do.

I have had an amazing year travelling far from my family farm this year.  From each and every corner of California to the Plains of Nebraska, to the Big City of Chicago, the farmlands of Kansas, the biggest little city of Reno, and windy New Mexico is just some of the spots I got the opportunity to meet fellow ag enthusiasts who were like me!  I learned from you and from that I have become a better self. 

“I was always looking outside myself for strength and confidence, but it comes from within. It was there all the time.”

I will be honest in saying I have searched high and low to be the best advocate I can be, I have looked up to so many of you to try to pattern myself after who you are but what I have come to learn is that I have had it within me all along I just need the push from all of you to create me and get to a place that I needed to be – for all of you I am truly grateful.

May all of you have a blessed Christmas!  Thank you for being an extension of me!  My hope for me is that I can be the kind of Ag Champion that you can look up to , the one that can give you strength and make you realize that you have had it inside all along , you just need to let it go !

Until next time~ 

Friday, December 16, 2011

~How Not To Look Like a Christmas Elf~

Ok Girls so I think it is about time we sit down and have a chat about …………………………the Christmas Sweater and other holiday accessories!
Now before we start please know that this is only an opinion of mine and not the thoughts of all so don’t be upset with me, its all in fun!

I have had a couple calls and emails as of late about what to wear for the holidays. (YES, can you believe people I do not even know call and email me and ask what to wear- I simply LOVE it!!!!)  As my dear new friend from Montana told me – “Celeste you need to be a personal stylist for people” Hmmm might be a great new adventure in 2012 – Dressing FarmGirls to Fabulousness??? Or something like that?  Ok lets continue~

What do I wear to my holiday party?  Personally think a red dress is WOW!  When you enter a room everyone will notice you. I think a plain red dress is stunning and use minimal accessories, maybe some sparkly fun shoes to compliment the outfit. As some fashion designers say and I have to agree, “Make one sparkle statement- either jewelry or shoes- don’t look like a Christmas ornament.  I think shades of red, burgundy and deep pink are all lovely options.

Not into red how about something timeless.  Many of you might not want to make such a statement as with a red dress so how about some nice black slacks, a sparkly tank and a black cardigan  pair it all with some sparkly shoes – this is not only classy and timeless it can be used all year long . Almost everyone owns black pants and sweater and sparkle tops and shoes are everywhere now during the holidays!!!  And if you really want to incorporate some red how about some short shiny red nails! That will just complete it!

 Ok , back to the Christmas sweater ~ A word of advice, the Christmas sweater or giant tree bulb lighted earrings? Or giant jingle bell necklace? Or the reindeer flashing antlers?   Hmmmm not so much! And again just my opinion! 

Enjoy those Christmas parties, and remember when it boils down to it, it is not what you wear but the smile on your face that makes you a hit at any party!  And if you need to talk over an outfit or have a question I truly LOVE helping my FarmGirls get to Fabulous!!!  Email me at or listen weekly on Fridays ~ Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos ~ we talk 5 minutes of fashion – you can find all the shows on, click on Rural Route Friday ! (or listen above)  Its too much fun!!

Until next time – Enjoy the Season! 

Friday, December 9, 2011

A Coin Is A Charm Is A Necklace

During the past couple months of travel I have stumbled upon some amazing women creating some pretty amazing, unique treats! By now y’all know I love jewelry and really tend to fancy different things. While I was in Wichita Kansas this past month I found the girls of Razzle Tagz!  It was a great little find during the American Agriwomen Trade Show.  I find special things that then become my favorite things which mean I then must share them with all of you because it’s too good to keep to myself.
I picked up this great holiday necklace! Isn’t it cute?  These are actual coins made into charms. This was made out of a quarter and a fifty cent piece.  Yes real money!!!   Charms included themes of holiday, monograms, and sports teams just to name a few.  I loved them because they were really well made, simply unique and very competitively priced!  What a great little treat to pickup for a gift exchange, birthday or special something.  The girls can help you create your own special thought and make it come to life through your special requests.

If you are interested in a Razzle Tagz creation please give the girls a jingle by dropping them an email – they then can help you create your own special piece.

Simply amazing and so much fun!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Different Yet The Same

I recently returned from a phenomenal trip to the windy city – Chicago! I was asked to be a part of Top Producer Magazines Executive Women in Agriculture Conference.  Women from over 25 states convened in downtown Chicago to discuss advocacy, market strategies, financial planning, human resources on the farm, crop insurance updates,  social media, leadership, and plain ole networking.  As I packed for my trip to Chicago I wondered who would be there. What would they be like? I could not wait to get on the plane and start my adventure.

Women from all walks of life came together. There were owners of really large farms, heads of boards , smaller farmers, financial planners and consultants, radio hosts, editors of magazines, legislators, professional speakers, feed yard operators and the list continues…………………….. And then there was me! Who was I? I think of myself as a farmer’s daughter eager to share the story of agriculture to all who might wish to listen. I am not an owner of a large farm or a legislator or anyone close to those who I met while there, or was I? 

EWA was a turning point for me ~ I think by attending I walked away with a more confident self, a keener sense of purpose to my industry and a whole new network of extraordinary friends.  I realized that all of us came from so many different backgrounds we all shared in one common trait and that was the passion we shared for American Agriculture and especially the bond as women! 

I am going to say that this was probably the most empowering women’s event I have yet attended and I have attended my share. There was no extra fluff but just enough, there were no cliques of women but everyone sharing ideas and introducing one another to each other, there was zero competition between us just a common theme for all of us to win and thrive and be the best we could possibly be in our pockets of agriculture, together making a huge difference. Together being one voice for American Agriculture.

Thank you Top Producer Magazine for listening to the voices of so many women and putting together a weekend I soon will not forget. Thrilled to be an actual part of the inaugural event and already penciling in next year!  Can’t Wait !