Friday, May 27, 2011

~ everything coming up flowers~

I love headbands – I wear something on my head almost every day. My newest favorite is the crochet-type headband with a flower- Like this one !  I have turquoise, hot pink, yellow, orange, gray, black – need I keep going ? I have flowered, crystals, jeweled, glitter, crochet, thin, thick, sometimes I wear two or three thin ones at a time!!  I love them-

Headbands with flowers are all the rage right now. You can find them everywhere but ……………… Why not make your own?  How? Its simple!   Go to any store that carries hair barrettes, headbands, hair supplies. Nothing fancy- pick up a head band or barrette that suits your fancy – some of us will go bigger and bolder than others.  Choose your headpiece and then head to your favorite craft store for some hot glue, artificial flowers and maybe some crystals.  Hot glue the flower to the headband or barrett and then adorn with some crystals – Voila!!!!!  Instant fun headband !!!!

Ya didn’t know I was so creative did you ? 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

Its a Wrap! ~ Bracelet that is !

The wrap bracelet. A must to complete your summer outfits.  How cute are these?

 I found them on the Modern Cowgirl website- What? You have not heard of Modern Cowgirl? Then you must check her out!  Lots of fun jewelry, clothing and inspiring words to help create the inner cowgirl in all of us !!! 

Personally I would wear these with some fun silver or gold bangles to create a stacked look. You can use them to add a western flair to any outfit or if you like a bohemian inspired look - which is really all the rage right now that will work too.  Wear them alone or stacked - whatever fits your fancy on any certain day but I can definitely see these fun little leather wraps as a summer staple.

stop by to find these and more fun treats!

Lets Share! If you have a fun website that offers great Fun Fashion for us FarmGirls be sure to let us all know - because we cant talk cows all the time , sometimes a girl has got to be ..............well a girl !
Enjoy the Start of Summer -

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Family Makes The Farm

The Farm has been in our family since the early 1900's

We continue to work hard so that it is around for her future , so she will experience the wonders of farmlife !

Family is the cornerstone of our farm ~ for without them I would be nothing~
I am blessed

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fun Fashion for FarmGirls is Born~

So yesterday I was asked by my fellow agriculture enthusiast Amanda Radke my advice on what she should wear for an upcoming television appearance.  I was so excited, as I love to help people pick out clothes, shoes and jewels for different special events !!  As we chatted back and forth on facebook sharing thoughts and ideas other facebook friends chimed in and it got me thinking!!!  Why not focus my Couture Cowgirl blog on Fun Fashion for Farm Girls?  This would be a place to share ideas via social media and my blog- what fun? Right? So I figured I would give it a try and see how it goes.  I am passionate about agriculture issues and enjoy sharing my thoughts however I figured this might be a good place where we don’t have to think much and we can have lots of fun playing dress-up.  Do you have a special event you need to dress for? Or are you curious on the “now” trends?  Or maybe you just need a break from all the craziness we deal with within our industry on a day to day basis and need to chill for a moment or two- well then this will be your spot to come and enjoy ! 

Let the fun begin ~ Today lets talk hats!

(and just a note - I am certainly not a fashion expert- I just love decorating myself and expressing myself through clothing and accessories)

I Tip My Hat

I adore hats! I have lots of them! Ball caps, visors, cowboy hats, beanie hats, big straw hats, little cute summer hats, Frank Sinatra type hats, and headbands – I have trillions of them ! Do I look funny in some of them ? Maybe ~ but I really enjoy wearing them so that is all that really matters , right?

 As we finish up the extravagant wedding of new Royal couple we saw many hats.  Hats adorned with feathers, swirls, big hats, hats that looked like a flying saucer, flowered hats,  little hats and things that really didn’t even look like a hat. Women adorned themselves with elaborate creations from traditional to fanciful known as fascinators says TIME magazine. Fashion watchers had a hey day checking out the most exquisite hats and then those deemed definite faux pas.  However I admire these lovely ladies for having the guts to put on a hat and have a good time.

~Friends wearing their personalities on their heads~

  This weekend we get ready for the Kentucky Derby and that is another time where a fabulous hat is a must. I have always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby and wear a fancy hat- that is on my bucket list- I have yet to check that one off my list.  Kentucky Derby hats always seem giant to me and have so much personality.  I love them. They remind me of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman- remember the fabulous brown polka dot dress and the creamy white straw hat?  Simply adorable!!

I believe hats are an extension of your personality and how you are feeling that day.  Do you wear a hat? I would be curious. I don’t believe hats ever go out of style so what are you waiting for. I tip my hat to each of you for wearing your personality on your head. 

Why not? Its fun!!