Friday, June 24, 2011

The Ever So Popular ~ Collectible T

You can never have enough plain white tshirts – they go with absolutely everything. From v neck to cap sleeve, scoop neck to long sleeve or crew neck and ¾ length sleeve, the white tshirt is a wardrobe staple.  It is timeless! Dress them up or down, every girl should have a few of them to complete her wardrobe.

But sometimes you need to branch out to the “collectible tshirt.”  All of us have them. You know concert tshirts, old logo school team tshirts or your favorite eatery or hang out.  Colorful collectible tees are fun and make a statement.  I like to wear my short sleeve tees with a long sleeve tee underneath or maybe even a thin long sleeve hooded tee to give it an extra bit of character.  Collectible tees are a way of expressing ourselves.

What? You don’t have a collectible tee – well why not support the industry we love and purchase an “I love Farmer” tee from  Order your graphic collectible tee today. I promise this will never go out of style. They are made from American cotton,hold a  tremendous shape, wash up really well and you cant beat the saying across the front. (I know I have one in every color )

Collectible tshirts – a fun way to express yourself ! And……………. They look great with a pair of jeans, cool belt, tennis shoes and you know me – a scarf wrapped a million times around my neck!   Fun Stuff!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Jean Jacket ~ Always a Fashion YES !

I recently came across a book I have had for awhile and thought ……… “ hmmmmm, this is a perfect tool for my Fun Fashion for FarmGirls blog.”  It is a book I picked up years ago on how to define and refine your personal style.  So exciting!

As I flipped through the pages I came across a section on the JEAN JACKET. Whether you are a FarmGirl or not I will bet you own this wardrobe staple.  Some people have said that the jean jacket goes out of style, however I believe it is as timeless as the “LBD – little black dress.”

There are all sorts of jean jackets but I think the best is the worn, soft, faded light blue denim. I wear my denim jacket all year long- at cattle shows with a fun paisley rag tied around my neck or over my maxi dress with flip flops. I also think they look great with a crisp white shirt, slacks and flats with some pearls. You can dress it up or dress it down.  I think your best bet is to not keep it too structured. And yes I tend to think they are even a bit better with a hole or two.

 This is a photo of me with one of my favorite jean jackets ( I have a few of them) – this is my friend Matt J I have known him forever!

So go into your closet or maybe even into your back porch on the rack that holds all of your work coats – wash up that jean jacket, put a bit of fabric softener in your washing machine and start using it as a fashion staple!  You will look great – I promise!

Friday Fun FarmGirl Fashion Thought ~

“I am different, I like it and I thrive on my sense of individuality” (not sure who said it but I liked it)

Friday, June 10, 2011

What To Do With An Extra Benny ~

Lets play pretend~

Lets pretend you had an extra $100 to spend on summer clothes – what would you buy?
And thanks to the glut of cheap fashion nowdays you can find fashion everywhere. Many malls and websites are filled with markdowns but I tend to enjoy fast fashion chains like Target and H and M Stores that carry designer labels but at extremely low prices- seems to be the new trend. Top designers like Vera Wang have now made their way into vast retailers such as this with the same edgy, fun style but literally hundreds of dollars cheaper.  Of course the fabrics are not as fancy but to get you through the summer - well its not even a question.  Lets get started~

Here Celeste's top three picks for summer fun.

  1. the maxi dress – we have blogged about this before, I am in love with the maxi dress. I think they are so fun and can be dressed up or down, paired with a denim jacket or a wrap – they are simply the perfect dress for summer – guaranteed. They can be dressed up or down and that is why I love them.
  2. the sheer wrap – gauzy material is really in right now and a great light weight scarf is perfect for summer. Wear it as a full body wrap, tie it around your neck as a scarf or if you have a smaller version you can wrap or tie it around your head as a headband.The wrap is my staple item all year long - they are easy enough to throw in your bag and have to add a little extra "punch" to an outfit or take off a chill on those cooler summer nights.
  3. costume jewelry – stacks of bracelets are a must . pile them on ! You can buy bracelets now sold in stacks.  I love bracelets and my motto is the more the merrier!!! Faux cocktail rings, faux diamond hoops and other fun pieces help you express who you are. I tend to opt for one main fun piece - too much costume jewelry is overkill - just my thoughts on this !
I promise you if you have $100 and go to a broad retailer like the ones mentioned earlier I will guarantee you can get all of these items and then maybe even have a few dollars left for some cute flip flops and a latte.

I am curious – what fun outfits would you create with your $100 ?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Beauty Must Haves for Summer~

I am drugstore junkie!  I admit it ! I try every new face cream, shampoo, hairspray, nail polish, lip gloss, bronzer and bubble bath that makes it to the store shelf.  Sooooooooooooooo, when I saw this I had to take a closer look and share with all of my FarmGirls interested in Fun Fashion!!! 

As summer begins to roll around (we certainly would not know it with this crazy weather)  it is time to think about the absolute musts to complete our summer beauty bag- maybe if we pick up a few of these essentials summer will get the hint it needs to get started~

Today MSN Lifestyle takes a look at products ranging from high end to items you can find in your local retailer.

Check them out here~

Use these products and you might just enjoy summer a wee bit more ! And................. you will look great!