Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cheers to Moms!

Unlike many of you I was not blessed in life with children, but don’t get me wrong I am the best Zia around (that’s aunt in Italian).  My brother and his wife brought Paige into our world just about three years ago. Paige lives on the Ranch with all of us and loves being engaged in many of our day to day activities.  She always manages to scoot outside and help either Papa or Daddy or Z (as I am referred to) with some sort of ranch task. Seems as of late, she thinks all water troughs need to be fixed just so she can roll up her sleeves and put her hands in the cool water!  I have come to love Paige like my own and I think I might have just a glimpse of what mommy hood is all about.  What a tremendous joy!

The more I am involved in Paige’s everyday life the more I find myself interested in the Mommy Blogs and what Mommies have to say.  I want the best for my niece and through their stories of raising their children, foods they enjoy or experiences they have had I find myself really learning from them.  Craziness I know, who would have ever thought.  I have come to realize the importance of the Mommies out there telling our ag stories. There is a connection between them, camaraderie of sorts, a friendship, a common bond.  I find myself wanting to learn from them and hear what they have to say.  They are important, they have a voice, and they are the influencers of our ag future.  These little people someday will be doing what we do, they will be telling the ag story. 

I can only hope that I can instill good things into my niece Paige so that she will be a responsible young advocate, not afraid to share her thoughts as she goes to school or on the playground.  To know wrong from right and to know how her food is produced and that farmers and ranchers are the core of that. 

 I want to thank all the mommies out there for being my inspiration. For taking the time out of your crazy, busy days to share your stories with the rest of us . As a dear friend told me, you don’t need to give birth to be a mommy; it’s the love in your heart that makes you one.  This made my heart smile!  Hopefully I can be a good influence on many of my little friends :)

Best Wishes Baby Paige on a life filled with agriculture and appreciation for your roots!
Z loves you very much and is already so proud of the little lady you are becoming!!

Until my next thought~


Friday, April 15, 2011

"MAXium Style" ~ Fashion Friday

Its a Fashion Friday and today I want to share one of my favorite things ~ The Maxi Dress!
I absolutely Love Love Love this look!   You might have a few questions so here we go~

What is Maxi Dress?

Maxi Dress is a dress with formfitting at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, cut to flow over the body. Maxi Dress usually made out of cotton or polyester. They come in a variety of necklines, colors and patterns. The word "Maxi" come from "Maximum" since this dress is long or maximum length, and it's bring a maximum comfortable to wear. Usually maxi dresses are comfortable and stylish, so it's best for any occasion.

( for the record- I am not endorsing these stars just thought the dresses were cute :)
love the first one !!!)

What shoes do you wear with a Maxi?

Personally I like to wear strappy sandals or flip flops for a laid back look.  Some say you can wear high heels but I think they look better as a casual look - just me.  Dont forget to paint your toes in a fun color, remember we need to go for the complete look!

Why would you wear a Maxi Dress?

I think they are fun and easy!  I tend to like them because I think they look good on everyone.  Some of us girls are a bit more generous than others and with a Maxi Dress you can go fitted, loose, short or long. They have straps, no straps or a halter version.  I tend to like the fitted top half and a more flowing bottom.  My bum is a bit big so it is a nice cover - you girls know what I mean :)

How do you wear a Maxi Dress?

I think a Maxi Dress looks great with strappy sandals and big chunky bracelets or maybe a long pile of necklaces.  A vintage denim jacket looks great or of course I always throw on a wrap with mine in a fun complimentary color.  Remember , my wrap is a Celeste Staple !!  I also think Maxis look great with a bit of a tan - if you are not one to worship the golden sun I love the wide variety of tanning sprays and cremes out there, they do work really well and give you a hint of the sun ! 

Until next time~ Have a fashionable day!

Side Note for my Cow Peeps~
 how about those cattle prices?  Wow - we are having a rockin good spring!!!!  We will talk cows next time!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ AGvocates in the Making

I am never at a loss for words, however, today I thought I would join my fellow bloggers for a Wordless Wednesday~  This one titled "AGvocates in the Making"- We have come a long way Jeff Fowle!
(photo from the National Junior Hereford Association Annual Convention - a long time ago )

Monday, April 4, 2011

Nail Polish Ponderings~

I have to say that I am pretty classic when it comes to my nail polish colors, I am a red girl and when I venture out I will go shades of brown, gray or taupe but this season nail polish colors are tropical retro!  Lagoon blue, Coral, Pineapple Yellow, Palm Fond Green and Sunburnt Orange are the new colors of the season. So how do we dip our toes in some of the newest colors without feeling uncomfortable for those of us used the classics?  I say just that!  Paint your toes!  Go blue, green or yes Sara Landis even yellow.  (inside story, My friend Sara told me about yellow being the all out rage, I personally thought she was a bit nutty until……………………. I know see yellow everywhere, she is cutting edge in Arkansas!! )

Polishes come in a wide range of price ranges and quality.  I find that by shopping at my local Target store I can find great brands at pretty good prices though many times they might not have the “ in” color.  Suggestion~ go to big name department stores or check out the end caps at retail chains and you are bound to find the “in” colors for the season. I believe that a fun new polish can liven up any old outfit so check it out and see what you can find.  I have seen polish as cheap as 99 cents and as much as $10 plus – personally I wouldn’t spend a lot on a trendy color but that is just me , I never quite know if I am gonna love it.  (why does it always look so pretty in the bottle ? )

I also suggest rounded short nails look best with these new bright hues but that is just me , what do I know I am just a cowgirl who likes to be a girly girl sometimes!  Enjoy spring , enjoy the new fun colors that are at our fingertips and guess what if you do it and ya don’t like it , just get some remover and take it off and start all over !!!!   

P.S.  today I am wearing geranium from essie – a mix of orange and red and I am loving it !!!  Fun Stuff!!!