Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quick Update

Hi Everyone !
Many of you might be wondering where I have been?  The answer ................living life.  I am sorry I have not taken the time to blog but to be really honest I just have not had the time to dedicate to my blogging. I thought of actually cancelling my account and then thought, NAH! I am going to keep it because you never know when I might get inspired to start blogging again!
Until then I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving and ask that you follow my journeys on my website   CS Connecions ~ from there you can connect to facebook and LIKE my page.
Thank you all for your constant support and friendship. I will be back !

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things Learned from a Rodeo Bull Fighter

I recently lost my dad in a tragic accident ~ from the moment I found my dad on our ranch my life changed instantly. I was always one to worry about everything – absolutely everything. After going through this  I realized first hand that God is in charge and he can give and can take away at a moments notice. I have heard this numerous times but until you experience it, the kind that is right in your face you don't actually realize it  I vowed to myself that through this tragedy I would find good. And I did. I just did not realize it would be so very soon nor expected. I re-learned a lot of things that I always knew however needed to be reminded of. For  I am grateful for a posse of young men I had the pleasure of being with for a few days this past week. They are bullfighters, they not only save the lives of those riding bulls keeping them out of harms way they have the ability to save others too with their attitudes on life.

These are the 10 things I re-learned from a cowboy rodeo bullfighter
  1. the Lord God is first and foremost
  2. be true to who you are
  3. friendships are the cornerstone of life
  4. be a good sport always in winning and in defeat
  5. eat healthy
  6. work out  each and every day
  7. commitment to your vision
  8. passion for what you believe in
  9. try – the deep in your tummy kind to be your best
  10. self confidence at all times even when you feel broken

I found this quote today and felt it so very appropriate for what I am feeling ~

"At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."                           - Albert Schweitzer

From the bottom of my heart I thank each one of you for re-educating  me what life is truly all about ~ for I don't even think you know the impact you made upon me. God Bless each of you , may you be protected each and every step of your journey.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ads, Web,Social ........... Oh My !

It has been about a year since we embarked on our journey - What a ride!

It seems like it has been harder and harder to carve out time for a blog ! I promise we will be better!

How do people blog daily? I so admire them! Or even weekly? Sheesh!  We are lucky to do one a month but I promise to be better.  I think I already said that !

Until then I encourage you to keep up with what we are doing by following along on our website. Here you will be able to see current projects, travels and hook you up with our social media channels.  And........ time for a shameless plug.... if you need assistance with website design, social media, advertisements, flyers, programs, candids of your livestock show or sale , oh yes and motivational speaking !!!  Just let us know , we would love to assist showcase YOU !

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Say YES to Salads !

I was sitting in bed last night thinking ….. I really need to do a blog post , what should I write about ? And then BAM !Today I see this article is in my email in box. ( go ahead click on it and check it out )

Really? Wow! We promote eating fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy kids, planting gardens, eating local and on and on ! What I find really amazing is that I live in the Salad Bowl of the World!  Agriculture touches nearly every facet of Monterey County, from the lettuce in the fields to the businesses that support the farming community. (irrigation sales, tractor sales, cartons, packaging , fertilizers etc etc etc )  We are the hub of it all!

How can we expect folks across America to support healthy eating and salad bars in our schools when we can’t even do it ourselves?   What am I missing ?  Why do we have to make it so difficult ? What do you think? How would you handle this ? Eager to hear your thoughts

Friday, May 3, 2013

my side job is now my real job !


I never did ! And I am so thrilled to let everyone know that Couture Cowgirl N Co will no longer be my side job but my day in and day out dedication to the industry I am so very blessed to be a part of and the amazing folks who make it all happen!

Public Relations ~ Marketing ~ Freelance ~ and Motivational Speaking Too 

Lucky to team up with Sara Mills Landis  ~ I could never do this on my own!

Feel free to check out our website or like us  on Facebook and follow our adventures - check out our amazing clients and inquire about what we can do for you !!

I believe we have found our niche in focusing on small businesses and individuals who need someone to help them "POP" :) With an eclectic flair and a different twist to normal ~ Sara and I are very dedicated to making everyone feel special and stand out !

I am a living testament - if you love it enough stick with it until it happens!

Saddle up and let the adventure begin!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Agriculture Advocacy Has No Age Limit - Lets Do This!!

I don’t blog a ton, probably should do it more but never seem to have the time! However when I do I like to visit with y’all about the experiences I have in my adventures.  Recently I went to Utah to visit with the Utah Farm Women. While there I had the opportunity to meet a young woman – we’ ll call her Miss B! I fell in love with her! She is all that an agriculture advocate should be – committed to her farm, excited about the future, determined to tell the story to consumers, focused on the good of it all in despite of the challenges…………………………………and the list goes on. 

During our visits Miss B  and I discussed how some of the more seasoned members of their group thought perhaps they might not have a voice – PHOOEY   (not sure that is how you spell it but you get it)   Talking about what we do has no age limit – ever. 
Michele Payne Knoper said it best in her new book “No More Food Fights” – Much of the social media landscape has to do with mindset not age.  I could not agree more –  and not only in social media , I think we can take it further and say that the advocacy landscape has to do with mindset not age.

What matters to you as a farmer or rancher?  What is important to your farm or ranch?  How would you talk to friends across the dinner table?  You all have done that a million times – why not talk to others just as if you were explaining something to friends?  Be transparent, be believable!  There is no age limit on your experiences. Some of us have had more experiences than others and quite honestly I believe that makes us a better story teller of the farm or ranch!!

My message is simple – Advocacy has no age limit – follow what you know you must do to represent the things you believe in.   We are all in this together!  JUST GET OUT AND DO IT – WE NEED EVERYONE !!!!

And yep I have already come up with my next blog - Things I've Learned from a Rodeo Clown !
oooooooo I am on a roll now !!!  better catch it while I can !

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Winning is Everything.......... Really

I have the grand opportunity of helping lots of young people with their livestock projects. It is something I am truly in love with.  As a young person I was quite competitive so when my friends children started getting old enough to show I could not wait.  Show Auntie ! Yep that is me ! I wrote this awhile back for a junior livestock magazine but thought it might be appropriate now to share with all of you on my blog.

When you read the title of today’s blog I am thinking your first reaction will be – What ?  Celeste are you crazy?  Winning is not everything! Isnt that what we try to teach our children and isnt that what many of our parents have tried to instill in us?  Well a winning ATTITUDE  is everything !  The ole saying its not if you win or lose it is how you play the game is so very true especially l in the show ring.

As many of you probably know by now I love to read, I read all sorts of things and when I find something I find interesting or that I feel beneficial I love to share it in my blog  for all of you to be able to enjoy.  Recently I came across this great piece about promoting self esteem in kids.  I believe that if you promote self esteem then kids will have a winning attitude no matter what they place in the show ring.  Krissi Marx is a freelance writer and talks about ways to promote the value in kids. I am not a parent but I was raised by some great ones and they instilled in me good things.  As a young person I found that by having a good relationship with my parents only made me better.  I am certainly not hear to preach to all of you parents about how to “parent” but thinking this was definitely worth  a share~ 

Ways to Promote Self-Esteem

What exactly is self esteem? Self Esteem is an intricate balance of positive beliefs and emotions, combined with an accurate perception of personal abilities and a sense of being loved by others. Internal and external factors influence its development. As a parent, you can promote self-esteem in your children by influencing their internal perceptions and providing a positive, nurturing environment.

1. Communication
Your tone, feedback, phrasing and body language affect your child's self-concept. Be honest with your child, but frame your feedback in a positive manner. Your encouragement and acknowledgment of his efforts benefit his self-esteem. Instead of telling him to work harder if he fails at something, tell him you're proud of the work he put into it, as recommended by KidsHealth. Challenge any negative statements he makes about himself, as well as negative beliefs. For example, if he says, "I'm not good at making friends," ask him to tell you about the friends he has, and about the times he made a new friend. Show him affection with hugs, pats on the back or a kiss on the cheek. This reinforces to him that he's loved.

2. Modeling
In a child's eyes, her parents or caregivers are the primary example of appropriate behavior. She initially learns how to interact with the world by observing and listening to them. Being a model of someone who has healthy self-esteem shows her the appropriate methods of building and maintaining it. This includes resolving conflicts effectively, cooperating with others, managing emotions and expressing a positive attitude. Address your own self-esteem issues as needed so that you can serve as a good example.

3. Activities
Personal accomplishments and positive interactions with others help a child develop confidence in her abilities and self-image. By helping her set and achieve personal goals, such as a good grade in school, she learns that she's capable of achievement. Goal plans also teach her how to overcome barriers, which further boosts her confidence. Engage her in group games and activities in which children cooperate rather than compete. KidsHealth suggests a partnership between an older and younger child in a mentoring program, as both children benefit psychologically from the interaction