Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrap Me Up! ~ Its Fashion Friday

Well here we are again and thinking what to write about today - thinking , thinking , thinking

Not much in my brain today on the agriculture front so what about.......................................

Hey what about Fashion Friday !  Yeah , that is a great idea - Ok lets do it !

So today lets chat about my staple and what I feel should be the staple in any wardrobe - THE WRAP!

I have them in primary colors, sherbert colors, animal print, geometrical shape print, floral, peace sign print, ummm what else?? lets just say I have over 25 wraps in two drawers and I wear one every day!
They are a piece of me and my personality - I love them!  Just ask anyone who knows me and they know that I always have one of these wrapped around my neck and if it is not around my neck then it is in my bag in case I get cold for instance in a plane or a waiting room of a doctors office or at work- they are very versatile and worth the small investment.  You can purchase them almost anywhere anymore from high end department stores to street corners in big cities. I would say a good price range might be a cashmere one for approximately $100 to a similiar faux cashmere as low as $ 15. They are fun, colorful and I believe complete any ensemble.

And dont be afraid of them either - you can double wrap them, triple wrap them, tie knots in them, throw them over your shoulder, criss cross them- the possibilities are really endless and ever so fun.

  Here I am with my favorite - a  heather gray one that goes with so much!!  I believe it just adds some punch !

So this is my Fashion Friday Tip for the Day - if you dont have one , invest in one - they are a tremendous accessory.  And for my guy friends reading this - this is a "cant go wrong gift" for the special ladies in your life.  Believe me !  I know my wraps!! 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Couture Cowgirl is Born

So today is the maiden voyage of my first real life "Celeste" blog!  It is exciting and a bit scary at the same time.  I decided to start today because I read a post on facebook that said ~ " Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about."  Well there ya have it .  I have thought about writing a blog for quite some time but never really knew what I would say, would anyone read it? Who knows!

I have lots of friends that blog and do a tremendous job and I really enjoy reading them so I figured what the heck- I too can jump in and do this- Why? because I think about it every day!  Thats why.
You will find that I write much like I talk so at times the grammar might not be perfect or I might use " Celestial" words that no one else rarely uses but that is me and that is how I am so be it.

Perhaps I can start my first blog with how it got its name ~ The Couture Cowgirl.  For those of you that know me you know that I am as boy as they come when I am out on my family ranch with the cows but when it is time to dress up I am as girly girl as they come - I have a dear friend that wished me a birthday greeting and said - Happy Birthday to the Queen of all that is agriculture and fashion- no better compliment to me . I am the girl that has a stack of magazines on my coffee table including , California Cattlemen, Western Livestock Journal, Vogue, Glamour, Elle, Ranch Hand, The American Cowboy, and In Style - well you can see what I mean.

I love all things agriculture and I am passionate about the industry that I have grown up in - It is a part of who I am , it is ME , it stretches me and molds me into the best person I can be.  It excites me, challenges me and has made me humble.  It is the core of my beliefs.  It is the center of all that I do - for all of this I am eternally blessed.

I also love fashion - enough said. I will wear mostly anything- just ask my friends.  I beat to my own drum.

So let the adventure begin~