Friday, January 28, 2011

Wrap Me Up! ~ Its Fashion Friday

Well here we are again and thinking what to write about today - thinking , thinking , thinking

Not much in my brain today on the agriculture front so what about.......................................

Hey what about Fashion Friday !  Yeah , that is a great idea - Ok lets do it !

So today lets chat about my staple and what I feel should be the staple in any wardrobe - THE WRAP!

I have them in primary colors, sherbert colors, animal print, geometrical shape print, floral, peace sign print, ummm what else?? lets just say I have over 25 wraps in two drawers and I wear one every day!
They are a piece of me and my personality - I love them!  Just ask anyone who knows me and they know that I always have one of these wrapped around my neck and if it is not around my neck then it is in my bag in case I get cold for instance in a plane or a waiting room of a doctors office or at work- they are very versatile and worth the small investment.  You can purchase them almost anywhere anymore from high end department stores to street corners in big cities. I would say a good price range might be a cashmere one for approximately $100 to a similiar faux cashmere as low as $ 15. They are fun, colorful and I believe complete any ensemble.

And dont be afraid of them either - you can double wrap them, triple wrap them, tie knots in them, throw them over your shoulder, criss cross them- the possibilities are really endless and ever so fun.

  Here I am with my favorite - a  heather gray one that goes with so much!!  I believe it just adds some punch !

So this is my Fashion Friday Tip for the Day - if you dont have one , invest in one - they are a tremendous accessory.  And for my guy friends reading this - this is a "cant go wrong gift" for the special ladies in your life.  Believe me !  I know my wraps!! 


  1. I agree, Celeste! I wear them all the time, particularly jewel tones but it really depends on mood for the day. I LOVE adding a punch of color. I'm loving this winter weather in Arizona and getting to wear them because in a few short months they will be put away and not thought of again until late fall when it cools off. Rock on Celeste! I love Fashion Friday!

  2. ps. I have a red one on today :)