Friday, February 4, 2011

What Do Your Legs Say About Your Personality~

Has a week already gone by?  Sheeeeeesh I really wanted to get a agriculture adventure blog out this past week, or share my thoughts on cows or the Oprah staff going vegan but time got away from me and that means we are back to ………………………………………..Fashion Friday!

So what shall we visit about today?  How about TIGHTS?  Ok tights it is.

I love tights maybe as much as I love wraps and I have them in about as many colors.  I believe tights have really made a comeback.  Many, many years ago while attending catholic school tights were part of my daily uniform- I hated them. They were gray and thick and ugly.  But many, many years later I have come to embrace “whats old is new again.”  So what are your legs saying about you?  I tend to like tights because they are thicker than some other nylon type leg coverings.  When you are a bit more generous in the leg area like I am tights provide extra coverage while giving better support.

Tights can be party like, sensible, business or sexy.  Recently in the Wall Street Journal Style section it does a smashing job of listing all the different kinds some of which I will list here:
  • Fishnet (guys tend to love this – I don’t) – go figure
  • Distressed
  • Lace
  • Leopard or animal print
  • Back seam
  • Jewel solid tone  (my absolute favorite- I have red, turquoise, orange, yellow, gold, hot pink and purple )
  • Florals and stripes
  • Sweater knit
  • Neon
  • Nude (personally think a bit boring)
  • Black opaque (a true staple)- and you can get them with a hint of a pattern in them that make them look oh so classy!

Get out there and buy yourself a pair – prices range from very inexpensive to pretty pricey – ( thinking $5 to as much as $50 ) but you want to get a nice quality so they don’t rip and you can wash them in a gentle detergent in the sink and hang to dry- they are a must!  A pop of fun color or print is all you need to make an outfit something special.  So wear your personality on your legs ~ I guarantee fun !

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  1. Hey sister, while I truly respect and apprecaite your love and explanation for tights, I believe you left one out. That would be BARE of course. While not tights, its a great leg look. While my bare look could use a little sun on this day in February, it still is a great alternative to the ever so unexpected run in you stockings. Yes I am guilty of stipping my stockings in a bathroom during a function. Aren't we all? Love to you!