Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family First

This past week was one I had been looking forward to for a long time- I had the opportunity to attend the World Ag Expo in Tulare – I would have the chance to hook up with old friends and meet friends I had only conversed with on facebook.  I had the opportunity to speak to the local junior college about my journeys and experiences in agriculture .  I awaited this week with anticipation and made a game plan of who I needed to connect with, what booths I would stop by, and check out who had the best free pen giveaways !  ( I love pens) hahaahahah – I was so eager to be an agvocate for the week , collecting all sorts of wonderful information and experiencing new things for future blogs and talks and creating a new friend network.

However all my plans suddenly changed  when I needed to stay home due to family obligations.  My mom had back surgery and needed me – because without her I would not be here, would not have grown up to appreciate agriculture, our family farm and all the wonderful things associated with it .  My mom is the cornerstone of who I am – she has helped create the person I have become, she is my number one supporter and biggest fan !  My mom needed me and so we stayed home to go through the surgery and get her on the road to recovery
My mom and Niece Paige after baking cut out cookies - stopping for a brief photo op before frosting began

Was I sad I missed my agvocating opportunities ?  You bet I was but I came to realize that I don’t have to be at a big event to tell my ag story. I don’t have to be a speaker for the day in front of young people  I found myself telling my story to hospital staff, doctors, and those sitting in the waiting room.  You see I love to talk and I love to talk about agriculture and so I enjoy spreading the word to all who listen!  There is never a right or wrong place to tell your story- just do it .  Many asked my mother- what do you do?  They were trying to figure out her abilities before the surgery and that is where I began in assisting mom with sharing all we do on the farm.  This intrigued our new circle of  friends and they asked lots of questions about farming, pesticides on produce, cows, you name it !!  They now had a face to the farmer!

When family falls ill it makes you take a step back and realize life and why you are here , what is my purpose?  I believe I am meant to share the word of agriculture but without the backbone of my family and the experiences I have had with them then really I have no story to tell at all .  For it is the experiences that I have created over the years that help me form my thoughts and share my agriculture journey.

I am blessed by a wonderful family and friends who are like family- for that I am ever grateful.  Because of them I am the person I have become.  A person who loves this industry and the people in it .  I am eager to share my thoughts, but sometimes we need to tweak and twist and maybe share them in a different way.

Oh and by the way ……………………… Don’t forget your loved ones on Monday-  I love you Mom and wish you a quick recovery!!!!  Thank You for making Me :)
Happy Valentines Day !!!!

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  1. Bravo well said! I know you are your mom's hero!
    Happy Valentine Day to you my friend. <3 Suz