Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ads, Web,Social ........... Oh My !

It has been about a year since we embarked on our journey - What a ride!

It seems like it has been harder and harder to carve out time for a blog ! I promise we will be better!

How do people blog daily? I so admire them! Or even weekly? Sheesh!  We are lucky to do one a month but I promise to be better.  I think I already said that !

Until then I encourage you to keep up with what we are doing by following along on our website. Here you will be able to see current projects, travels and hook you up with our social media channels.  And........ time for a shameless plug.... if you need assistance with website design, social media, advertisements, flyers, programs, candids of your livestock show or sale , oh yes and motivational speaking !!!  Just let us know , we would love to assist showcase YOU !

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