Thursday, April 18, 2013

Agriculture Advocacy Has No Age Limit - Lets Do This!!

I don’t blog a ton, probably should do it more but never seem to have the time! However when I do I like to visit with y’all about the experiences I have in my adventures.  Recently I went to Utah to visit with the Utah Farm Women. While there I had the opportunity to meet a young woman – we’ ll call her Miss B! I fell in love with her! She is all that an agriculture advocate should be – committed to her farm, excited about the future, determined to tell the story to consumers, focused on the good of it all in despite of the challenges…………………………………and the list goes on. 

During our visits Miss B  and I discussed how some of the more seasoned members of their group thought perhaps they might not have a voice – PHOOEY   (not sure that is how you spell it but you get it)   Talking about what we do has no age limit – ever. 
Michele Payne Knoper said it best in her new book “No More Food Fights” – Much of the social media landscape has to do with mindset not age.  I could not agree more –  and not only in social media , I think we can take it further and say that the advocacy landscape has to do with mindset not age.

What matters to you as a farmer or rancher?  What is important to your farm or ranch?  How would you talk to friends across the dinner table?  You all have done that a million times – why not talk to others just as if you were explaining something to friends?  Be transparent, be believable!  There is no age limit on your experiences. Some of us have had more experiences than others and quite honestly I believe that makes us a better story teller of the farm or ranch!!

My message is simple – Advocacy has no age limit – follow what you know you must do to represent the things you believe in.   We are all in this together!  JUST GET OUT AND DO IT – WE NEED EVERYONE !!!!

And yep I have already come up with my next blog - Things I've Learned from a Rodeo Clown !
oooooooo I am on a roll now !!!  better catch it while I can !

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