Monday, April 4, 2011

Nail Polish Ponderings~

I have to say that I am pretty classic when it comes to my nail polish colors, I am a red girl and when I venture out I will go shades of brown, gray or taupe but this season nail polish colors are tropical retro!  Lagoon blue, Coral, Pineapple Yellow, Palm Fond Green and Sunburnt Orange are the new colors of the season. So how do we dip our toes in some of the newest colors without feeling uncomfortable for those of us used the classics?  I say just that!  Paint your toes!  Go blue, green or yes Sara Landis even yellow.  (inside story, My friend Sara told me about yellow being the all out rage, I personally thought she was a bit nutty until……………………. I know see yellow everywhere, she is cutting edge in Arkansas!! )

Polishes come in a wide range of price ranges and quality.  I find that by shopping at my local Target store I can find great brands at pretty good prices though many times they might not have the “ in” color.  Suggestion~ go to big name department stores or check out the end caps at retail chains and you are bound to find the “in” colors for the season. I believe that a fun new polish can liven up any old outfit so check it out and see what you can find.  I have seen polish as cheap as 99 cents and as much as $10 plus – personally I wouldn’t spend a lot on a trendy color but that is just me , I never quite know if I am gonna love it.  (why does it always look so pretty in the bottle ? )

I also suggest rounded short nails look best with these new bright hues but that is just me , what do I know I am just a cowgirl who likes to be a girly girl sometimes!  Enjoy spring , enjoy the new fun colors that are at our fingertips and guess what if you do it and ya don’t like it , just get some remover and take it off and start all over !!!!   

P.S.  today I am wearing geranium from essie – a mix of orange and red and I am loving it !!!  Fun Stuff!!!

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  1. Oh, my daughter is obsessed with nail polish so I have every shade of pink at my disposal. She convinces our nanny to paint her nails every color we own. Did I mention my daughter is 4. She would want your Essie color...she is transfer her love to orange as of late.