Friday, June 17, 2011

The Jean Jacket ~ Always a Fashion YES !

I recently came across a book I have had for awhile and thought ……… “ hmmmmm, this is a perfect tool for my Fun Fashion for FarmGirls blog.”  It is a book I picked up years ago on how to define and refine your personal style.  So exciting!

As I flipped through the pages I came across a section on the JEAN JACKET. Whether you are a FarmGirl or not I will bet you own this wardrobe staple.  Some people have said that the jean jacket goes out of style, however I believe it is as timeless as the “LBD – little black dress.”

There are all sorts of jean jackets but I think the best is the worn, soft, faded light blue denim. I wear my denim jacket all year long- at cattle shows with a fun paisley rag tied around my neck or over my maxi dress with flip flops. I also think they look great with a crisp white shirt, slacks and flats with some pearls. You can dress it up or dress it down.  I think your best bet is to not keep it too structured. And yes I tend to think they are even a bit better with a hole or two.

 This is a photo of me with one of my favorite jean jackets ( I have a few of them) – this is my friend Matt J I have known him forever!

So go into your closet or maybe even into your back porch on the rack that holds all of your work coats – wash up that jean jacket, put a bit of fabric softener in your washing machine and start using it as a fashion staple!  You will look great – I promise!

Friday Fun FarmGirl Fashion Thought ~

“I am different, I like it and I thrive on my sense of individuality” (not sure who said it but I liked it)


  1. Love it Celeste! I too own a jean jacket and use it all the time. Dress it up or dress it down. I have to say, you mate in the picture is a pretty nice guy too - I bet he even owns a denim jacket?