Friday, May 27, 2011

~ everything coming up flowers~

I love headbands – I wear something on my head almost every day. My newest favorite is the crochet-type headband with a flower- Like this one !  I have turquoise, hot pink, yellow, orange, gray, black – need I keep going ? I have flowered, crystals, jeweled, glitter, crochet, thin, thick, sometimes I wear two or three thin ones at a time!!  I love them-

Headbands with flowers are all the rage right now. You can find them everywhere but ……………… Why not make your own?  How? Its simple!   Go to any store that carries hair barrettes, headbands, hair supplies. Nothing fancy- pick up a head band or barrette that suits your fancy – some of us will go bigger and bolder than others.  Choose your headpiece and then head to your favorite craft store for some hot glue, artificial flowers and maybe some crystals.  Hot glue the flower to the headband or barrett and then adorn with some crystals – Voila!!!!!  Instant fun headband !!!!

Ya didn’t know I was so creative did you ? 

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  1. You need to check out Southern Jewlz, their on facebook and have a web store. They have some really funky headbands! I think your orange one is cute, and you know I would love the turquoise!