Friday, May 20, 2011

Its a Wrap! ~ Bracelet that is !

The wrap bracelet. A must to complete your summer outfits.  How cute are these?

 I found them on the Modern Cowgirl website- What? You have not heard of Modern Cowgirl? Then you must check her out!  Lots of fun jewelry, clothing and inspiring words to help create the inner cowgirl in all of us !!! 

Personally I would wear these with some fun silver or gold bangles to create a stacked look. You can use them to add a western flair to any outfit or if you like a bohemian inspired look - which is really all the rage right now that will work too.  Wear them alone or stacked - whatever fits your fancy on any certain day but I can definitely see these fun little leather wraps as a summer staple.

stop by to find these and more fun treats!

Lets Share! If you have a fun website that offers great Fun Fashion for us FarmGirls be sure to let us all know - because we cant talk cows all the time , sometimes a girl has got to be ..............well a girl !
Enjoy the Start of Summer -

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