Friday, December 16, 2011

~How Not To Look Like a Christmas Elf~

Ok Girls so I think it is about time we sit down and have a chat about …………………………the Christmas Sweater and other holiday accessories!
Now before we start please know that this is only an opinion of mine and not the thoughts of all so don’t be upset with me, its all in fun!

I have had a couple calls and emails as of late about what to wear for the holidays. (YES, can you believe people I do not even know call and email me and ask what to wear- I simply LOVE it!!!!)  As my dear new friend from Montana told me – “Celeste you need to be a personal stylist for people” Hmmm might be a great new adventure in 2012 – Dressing FarmGirls to Fabulousness??? Or something like that?  Ok lets continue~

What do I wear to my holiday party?  Personally think a red dress is WOW!  When you enter a room everyone will notice you. I think a plain red dress is stunning and use minimal accessories, maybe some sparkly fun shoes to compliment the outfit. As some fashion designers say and I have to agree, “Make one sparkle statement- either jewelry or shoes- don’t look like a Christmas ornament.  I think shades of red, burgundy and deep pink are all lovely options.

Not into red how about something timeless.  Many of you might not want to make such a statement as with a red dress so how about some nice black slacks, a sparkly tank and a black cardigan  pair it all with some sparkly shoes – this is not only classy and timeless it can be used all year long . Almost everyone owns black pants and sweater and sparkle tops and shoes are everywhere now during the holidays!!!  And if you really want to incorporate some red how about some short shiny red nails! That will just complete it!

 Ok , back to the Christmas sweater ~ A word of advice, the Christmas sweater or giant tree bulb lighted earrings? Or giant jingle bell necklace? Or the reindeer flashing antlers?   Hmmmm not so much! And again just my opinion! 

Enjoy those Christmas parties, and remember when it boils down to it, it is not what you wear but the smile on your face that makes you a hit at any party!  And if you need to talk over an outfit or have a question I truly LOVE helping my FarmGirls get to Fabulous!!!  Email me at or listen weekly on Fridays ~ Rural Route Radio with Trent Loos ~ we talk 5 minutes of fashion – you can find all the shows on, click on Rural Route Friday ! (or listen above)  Its too much fun!!

Until next time – Enjoy the Season! 

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  1. LOVE IT! I just bought a gorgeous holiday dress for a wedding that I'm going to. It's a one-shoulder dress & it's champagne & bronze. I'll have to send you a picture, Celeste. :) Great post!