Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Different Yet The Same

I recently returned from a phenomenal trip to the windy city – Chicago! I was asked to be a part of Top Producer Magazines Executive Women in Agriculture Conference.  Women from over 25 states convened in downtown Chicago to discuss advocacy, market strategies, financial planning, human resources on the farm, crop insurance updates,  social media, leadership, and plain ole networking.  As I packed for my trip to Chicago I wondered who would be there. What would they be like? I could not wait to get on the plane and start my adventure.

Women from all walks of life came together. There were owners of really large farms, heads of boards , smaller farmers, financial planners and consultants, radio hosts, editors of magazines, legislators, professional speakers, feed yard operators and the list continues…………………….. And then there was me! Who was I? I think of myself as a farmer’s daughter eager to share the story of agriculture to all who might wish to listen. I am not an owner of a large farm or a legislator or anyone close to those who I met while there, or was I? 

EWA was a turning point for me ~ I think by attending I walked away with a more confident self, a keener sense of purpose to my industry and a whole new network of extraordinary friends.  I realized that all of us came from so many different backgrounds we all shared in one common trait and that was the passion we shared for American Agriculture and especially the bond as women! 

I am going to say that this was probably the most empowering women’s event I have yet attended and I have attended my share. There was no extra fluff but just enough, there were no cliques of women but everyone sharing ideas and introducing one another to each other, there was zero competition between us just a common theme for all of us to win and thrive and be the best we could possibly be in our pockets of agriculture, together making a huge difference. Together being one voice for American Agriculture.

Thank you Top Producer Magazine for listening to the voices of so many women and putting together a weekend I soon will not forget. Thrilled to be an actual part of the inaugural event and already penciling in next year!  Can’t Wait !


  1. Executive Women in Ag was a fantastic conference and I share your sentiments completely, I came back with a more positive outllook and really loved the networking opportunities that came so easily from a great group of women working in my field. Thanks for your participation, we really enjoyed hearing your story and I also am also looking forward to next years conference!!

  2. Celeste,
    Enjoyed your comments on the panel and share your positive view of the EWA meeting. Working on my MBA for NCBA, so looking forward to seeing you in Nashville. We are fans of Trent Loos, too.