Friday, December 30, 2011

A Sense of Family ~

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be a guest on Rural Route Radio broadcasted on the Plains of America and through the Midwest. I love when I am asked to be on radio, it is really a lot of fun. ( in my other life I will be a radio host) Anyway, yesterday we talked about family and it got me thinking about what makes a family so I thought I would blog about it.

For many if you ask them what is a family they would more than likely say mom, dad and kids. Thinking I am probably right in thinking that way but many of us might not have kids or only have one mom or a dad but not both due to divorce or death or some other circumstance.  And what about grandma and grandpa? Some have gone before us , some of us are lucky to still have them. And then there are aunts and uncles and cousins.  I believe that there are no rules to family it is what you make it , it is who you connect with and who you love.

Do you have to be blood related to be family? No way! I believe some of us have friends that are like family and I believe agriculture is the cornerstone for many of these “family” relationships. Within the last year or so I have met numerous people I know and  consider them part of my bigger “agriculture family.”  Many of these folks have the same beliefs and appreciations as me . Do other industrys have this same family type connect?  What about the automobile industry, the health field, insurance and banking industry?  I am thinking probably not.  Why? I believe that we in agriculture are tied to the land, the fabric of America in all the farmlands across the USA and I am so lucky to be a part of a bigger picture.  I believe we can count on each other to lift us up when we are having a bad day or offer advice on issues happening in one community in middle America might be happening in the south – we have similar problems and similar successes. We are knitted together with the bond of agriculture and the love of the land and the animals and all the other things that go along with it .

So I ask you – what is your family?  It doesn’t have to be the traditional mom and dad and kids, it is the ones you surround yourself who support you , love you and wish for you to succeed.  May all of you enjoy a blessed 2012 with your “family.”

And for those of you that follow me just for fashion fun – here is todays Fashion Friday segment on Rural Route Radio – Take a listen and always eager for feedback!

See Y’all Next Year  (hee hee I love saying that)


  1. Wonderful post and I look forward to more in 2012!

  2. Celeste, I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning and I loved this post. You are so right: Our greater sense of family among our agricultural community is what makes rural America great. Have a great New Year!