Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my very own travel show ~

Seems as if life has been a whirlwind lately, my most recent adventure took me to the American Agriwomen Convention in Wichita, Kansas. While there I got to meet facebook friend now real friend Lori Bammerlin.  Lori is probably one of the most creative people I have yet to meet in my adventures so  thought I would share her with all of you !

Lori made all of these fabulous necklaces with an assortment of wonderful beads, she also has hand painted shoes, tshirts and really cool, fun hats!  Old feed sacks turned tote bags and wranglers made into fun skirts.  Whats old is new again with many of Lori's fun pieces.

My adventures take me to lots of places~ I feel as if I am on my own  travel show , you know the ones you see on TV.  My travels hook me up with interesting people engaged in agriculture and sharing a common passion and just sometimes they are doing extra fun things that spark my interest, like Lori and her cool treats with a western style flair.  I couldn’t keep her to myself so I figured I would share her with all of you –

If you are interested in Lori and her creations you can email her at ag06grad@yahoo.com  - or check out her blog at http://homeontherangeexhange.blogspot.com - she can take it from there!


  1. Celeste, you are too sweet! Thanks for the feature. You can also check out our small listings at www.2chickcouture.blogspot.com or www.2chickcouture.etsy.com.

    Can't wait till the next AAW event.

  2. why thank you ~ you are doing great things!

  3. Kels, next time your in MHK you could do a little shopping ;)