Friday, November 25, 2011

The PUFFY jacket - a must for wintertime!

Today is Black Friday and you cannot turn on the television or open up the newspaper or check out your email or facebook or twitter without countless ads about "lots of stuff" on sale for the holidays. I am here to say I am not a Black Friday shopper but figured since it is Friday why not a Black Friday Fashion Friday post.

My favorite thing that I have seen as an item for Black Friday Sales across America ~ the Puffy Jacket!!

I have seen these advertised in large retail outlets as well as higher end department stores.  They are in a rainbow of bright colors and are tremendously fun !  Turquoise, hot pink,  sunnyyellow, lime green,  outrageous orange,  electric blue and then of course all the "normal" colors. I have seen these very cute jackets really reasonably priced so be sure to investigate before you waste all your pennies. You can get a jacket and have some left over for a new scarf, mittens and a hat !

1 comment:

  1. Love the jacket. I've got a baby pink one that I will be pulling out again for the winter season!