Tuesday, November 1, 2011

“Never give up on something you dream about every day”

Not sure where I saw this but it was awhile ago, I taped it to my computer so that I could reflect on it daily.  (yes I am weird like that) 

I have wanted to perfect my image, put everything under one umbrella, make it nice and neat. Blog, stationary, business cards- you name it I like a nice concise look.  With the help of my dear friend I am well on my way.  She is one of those techy, super smart computer geeks, (in a good way) .  I have now created a nice bio sheet so when someone says “Celeste can I get your bio?” I can say “Sure, let me send that to you right away.”  I feel like I am complete!

Excited for the opportunities ahead of me ~ for now I can venture out looking good !  Whether it be writing for a magazine, blogging on my own thoughts, speaking to the world on why I love farming and ranching or presenting a business card to someone I meet face to face – I can do it feeling good about the initial presentation.

What y’all think ? 

What do you think about every day? Don’t give up on it !  Keep at it until you make it a reality however small or large it might be !!!

Until next time when I find something fun to write about ~


  1. Love the quote I am now going to tape it up for me to look at. And the bio sheet great idea. I need to do that too. Love the new header.

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  3. Love it. My most recent & current dream is to gain popularity for Gomers Inc. and S.B. Feedlots. Please like them on Facebook if you feel so inclined :)

  4. You inspire me every day Celeste! Love what you shared here and the new header is fabulous.

  5. Really like the new header. Excited to see you in a week!

  6. Keep at it because you rock! Excited to see you in a few weeks!

  7. Love it, Celeste! You go, Cowgirl! Blaze the trail :)