Friday, September 16, 2011

Nail It !

I am a big fan of nail polish.  With my old ranch hands I need something to perk them up and make them look a bit girly from time to time so I like to paint my nails.  Fall is in the air and just like a change of wardrobe for fall , the tips of your fingers need to follow suit.

Gone is the fluorescent shades of summer, green, yellow , pink and blue. Personally I never got into this trend it was just a bit too much for me but I do love however the new colors for fall.  Shades of brown, neutrals, dark reds and dark greens and grays are taking front and center stage on our short filed down tips.

Nail color should complement your outifits. Never have nails that scream – “ look at me” – I think it is best to choose a shade that works with all of your fall tweeds, plaids and rich deep gem colors.

My favorite polish is Essie and you can now purchase Essie polishes at mainstream drug and discount stores. It was once an exclusive salon polish but like many things it has made its way into CVS pharmacy stores and Targets across the country.  Typical price is right around $7-8 per bottle !  A cheap investment to add a little punch to your outfit and they make those old ranch hands look a little prettier .


  1. I'm a fan of the nail paint too (like you'd never have guessed that, sista!).

    Recently, I read a short bio on the Essie founder and found it inspiring. However, I personally favor the OPI. Love the colors and adore the names.

    You're right about the colors. Just switched today from the brights of summer to an old stand-by the sultry Chicago Champagne Toast for my toes this fall. Bubble Bath on my fingertips always...

  2. Nail polish never seems to stay long on my nails, but I love it on my toes. I love the really dark plum colors.