Friday, September 23, 2011

50 Fashion Tips, Let the Fun begin~

I recently ran across a great article talking about the 50 Best Fashion Tips of All Times.  I thought so much of it that I thought to myself – Wow! This would be great for Fashion Friday to share with my Fun Fashion Forward FarmGirls.  What to buy, what to pass on, what to look for and what can we pull together to create something that says Ultra- Fab!!
Let’s get started……………….

The White T-shirt, Tank and Blouse
They dress up jeans, look great with skirts and are timeless with a pair of slacks. I like to keep a few on hand because I absolutely cannot stand when they lose their bright white color.  My suggestion is Hanes Tanks and T’s for wearing under sweaters or with jeans, Then invest in a nicer button down to wear when you get dressed up.  I buy the mens t-shirt packs of three – Yep I do and I make them my own. Why is it that they are so much cheaper than the same brand women’s tanks and t’s??? Hmmmmm. They are cheap and when they get a bit ratty-looking or lose their fresh pop of color I can go back and replace them at a minimal cost.  Keeping a good inventory of white tanks, t’s and a button down or two is a wardrobe staple.

Check back next week for our next wardrobe must have !


  1. Great tip, now i think we need some photos on how you make them your own. I'm intrigued.

  2. I am learning to LOVE this new fashion tip! White T's also accept cute flashy scarves, too! I have a bright peacock feather one that would go with nothing else then a white T! To add even more bling, I threw on a pearl/chain necklace to dance up the scarf! :) FUN!

  3. You know I love books about this stuff. Paula Reed in the book "Style Clinic" recs the plain white tees and suggests you buy cheap and replace often to keep them looking "box fresh"--I think Reed may be British hence the term. No matter. It's all good and jives with your post!