Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Little Bit of Magic Found in Middle America

Many of you know from following me on Facebook that I took some time to visit Nebraska this past week.  Some might also remember me sharing that I did a report on Nebraska in 4th Grade. I did a booklet with the state flower, bird, state seal , etc etc. The typical grade school project.  During my oral report to the class I said someday I would visit. Time passed and at 43 years young I finally took my trip to Nebraska! Thanks to some amazing friends offering a visit!

What a wonderful little part of rural America!  My adventure brought me to the Nebraska State Fair where I spent a few days helping friends with 4-H animal projects.  I was simply amazed by the amount of people participating in the Fair and the Fairgrounds itself - Wow! I fell in love with the washracks and the electrical outlets - I know sounds a bit strange but when you have shown at numerous cattle shows you can appreciate good facilities! They were top of the line !  Big screen televisions in all the barns showcasing the classes in the ring and alerting young people of their next class - quite cool.

I met alot of wonderful people, some that were facebook friends that now are real friends. Some found out I was at the fair so they swung by to meet me and visit , bringing me a tshirt from their local 4-H club or breed association - fun stuff!   I will be sure to wear them with pride throughout California !!

On the final day I had the opportunity to watch the market steer grand champion drive- I have never witnessed such an outpouring of support for young people! Literally hundreds of people gathered to watch the champion selection and hear the words of the cattle judge share his thoughts not only on the calves before him but the importance of young people. I have heard numerous speeches given by folks from throughout California discussing the importance of young people and commitment to agriculture but I have yet to hear it with the meaning and the heartfelt truth that I did during this show.  Nebraskas commitment to young people and agriculture is something they can be extremely proud of , many of us talk the talk but in Nebraska it was evident they walk the walk as well !

After my Fair Adventure I got to spend some time with a real Nebraska Farm Family. There home is a small slice of magic in the heart of America. Their commitment to family, to their livestock and to their friends is next to none.  It was humbling for this California Girl to spend some time in a place where makeup did not matter, where what I wore did not matter, where who I was or where I came from did not matter - the only thing that seemed to matter was those moments that I spent feeding pigs, chasing little donkeys, playing with doggies and spending time talking about REAL things that truly mattered.  

I want to thank all of you that made my Nebraska experience one I will certainly never forget. Thank you for introducing me to Mountain Dew made with real sugar, Runzas, skrew top cheap wine $2.77 per bottle to be exact and dill pickle sunflower seeds :) :)

You guys are the REAL DEAL - everyone should have the opportunity to take a trip to the heart of America and to give you the feeling that you matter and find your newfound love of all things agriculture- give you a shot in the arm that agriculture is alive and well.  Look out California, I have a new excitement for our industry - who knows whats in store next !!!


  1. I love pickles and dill pickle sunflower seeds sound amazing. It is awesome to know there are wonderful farm and ranch families all over the country. Glad to hear you had such a great time.

  2. It is wonderful to know that someone has discovered the amazing-ness (yes, I just invented a word)of my home state. So glad to hear that you discovered the beauty of a Runza and the magic that is Nebraska.

  3. Thanks so much for the comments - so sorry it has taken so long - for the longest time my blog would not let me respond and today it decided to cooperate - I love nebraska and hope to venture back next summer !!