Friday, July 1, 2011

The Real Dirt

I am lucky enough to be associated with some amazing young women through my work with California Women for Agriculture.  We are gonna vere off the weekly fashion thoughts to get serious for a minute or two - On June 13, 2011 the Washington DC Enviromental Working Group released 12 fruits and vegetables that called "dirty" meaning they felt there were pesticide residues on these items that were real great for ya.

As a proud California Rancher and Clothes Hound,  myself along with some of my CWA Teammates created the following thoughts in response to the comments from the Enviromental Working Group - Here ya go~

I have submitted our thoughts to a terrific website "Know a California Farmer" , I ask all of you to not only check out what we had to say but to make this website a place to come to familiarize yourself with farming and ranching in California .

Dont worry - we will be back next week with some fun fashion tips and ideas but sometimes we need to get a bit serious , like today !  Thoughts are always encouraged!

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