Friday, July 8, 2011

Clutch Play

What is classic, timeless and less likely to go out of style than any other handbag?

The Clutch!

Some of you might wonder what a clutch is. A clutch looks like a giant wallet, sometimes with a handle sometimes not but easily able to tuck under your arm. They are great to stash credit cards, lip-gloss, your phone and keys – all the necessities in one spot for a quick trip shopping or a night on the town when you don’t want to carry a bulky big bag.

I use a clutch everyday and keep it tucked inside my big tote bag that holds my ipad, journal book for writing down fabu things I see during my day; you never know when a story or blog idea might be right in front of you, and all my other “stuff.”  It makes it so easy to just grab your clutch and your off in case you need to do a quick errand during the day.

Clutches come in all sorts of sizes from flat envelope looking ones to boxy little ones. Leather, fur, faux animal skins, shiny, matte, you name it seems like they have one to fit every personality. 

The clutch, a delicious way to complement your wardrobe!

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