Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I talk a lot about sharing your story to connect the bridge between consumers and producers ~ one of the best ways to tell the story is through photos !  A picture is worth a thousand words~ We have heard this a million times and we have heard it a million times because it is true!  Who does not love to look at photos ?

I recently got a new camera – I call it my “big girl camera” and I am taking photos of everything.  People, animals, scenery, things !  I even now keep my camera with me as I might miss an amazing shot! ( I know I am turning into a photography nerd)

So what is the point of today's post?  Even if you are not a fabulous writer or its hard for you to express your thoughts or share ideas about what you do, you can take photos and post to social media !  Facebook , Pinterest, Instagram........... You get where I am going !

~~Pictures are truly worth a thousand words ~
~Take a picture ~tell your story ~
~Its that simple ~

snapped a quick photo minutes after baby lambs
 were born on my farm


  1. I love this! O actually am doing a photo journal. I started the first of the year! I've taken a photo everyday this year!!!! I can't wait to make a book of it! It really is such a blessing. I have been forced some find something beautiful everyday for a while year!!!!!
    And looking back thru the book years from now will be amazing!!!

  2. thanks so much - I love when people send me notes
    so glad you enjoyed and yes arent photos just lovely
    what a great idea!!! a treasure for sure !!!

  3. Love these pictures. Keep up the great work. What kind of camera did you get?

  4. hey girls ~ a canon rebel - it is awesome
    however I do take alot of my photos like this one with instagram on my iphone if you can believe that - some of my best pics have come from my ipone :)

  5. Would you be interested in being featured on my blog?
    I have a weekly feature called 'everyday cowgirl'. It is a fun way to showcase women, your accomplishments, your blog, website, family, anything really. I'm always looking for new women.
    Id love to tell your story!!!

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  6. I would love too ~ Just sent you an email :)