Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Making Peace with Me

On July 1st I took the plunge to start a new business – Couture Cowgirl n Company with my partner Sara ~ it is something I have dreamed about each and every day for a long time. I just never knew if I could do it or who to team up with or if it would work ,was I too old to start something new ,would I have time to dedicate to it and on and on with all the questions that overwhelmed me .

But what I thought was going to be a crazy adventure filled with added stress and wandering into unchartered waters has come as a sense of peace for me !  Really? How in the world did that happen?

Because this is where I was meant to be ! I have found peace with myself , my abilities and what I do.  I have realized the famous quote that is now a mantra for which I am ~ “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is rather than how you think it should be ~ Wayne Dyer

There are a whole lot of wonderful graphic/communications/public relations firms out there – they have lots of experience ~ they are well known within our industry of agriculture and I respect them so very much! I have learned from them, followed them, met them and have realized that I too would like to be a piece of it all – but just a little piece focusing on the people who are following their dreams of doing things just like me – I want to be able to cheer them on, create their place and walk beside them while learning and growing with them.

Have I already had some bumps in the road? Sure have and that is ok because it makes me learn , makes me better, makes me humble and it makes me put that much more effort into what I need to be doing to get it done.

So almost three months into the new adventure I can say I am in love with it all ~ I enjoy helping folks follow their dreams, I enjoy the connections I am making with my colleagues , many who have become mentors and I have made peace with me – being the best I can be with it all !

Special thanks to those of you who have believed in me already and given me the opportunity to showcase your wonderful selves :) and to Sara for putting her faith in me to get it all done !

So what is the purpose of my blog today ~ to just accept each day God puts in front of you ~ find balance with it all ~ find peace with yourself that you are right where you need to be and learn to accept it all ~ once you have the journey is simply amazing !

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  1. Yeah, Celeste! I love to read that you're "in love with it all!" Very inspiring my friend :)