Friday, August 5, 2011

HEY ! We’ve Got An App for That

Seems like everywhere you turn there is a new phone application popping up for your Smart Phone~ The Fashion World is no different.  You can now download applications that can create personal look books, an option for maps depending on shopping destination, catalog browsing and options to go directly to the designer’s shops.

Shopping has always been a very social experience, its fun, it’s relaxing and now you can shop by phone.

Some suggestions of fun new applications to check out~

  • Lookaroo
  • Fashion Nomad
  • VIZL
  • GreenGlamGo
  • Catalog Spree

And for those of you that have inquired already ~ NO the couture cowgirl has no intentions of creating her own app – at least not for now ;)

Grab that phone and get after it – there is a whole new world of shopping experience out there!!

Until next week~

1 comment:

  1. You need to check out HauteLook. They have a website and iphone app. The deals on their are amazing!