Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Fades~Style Remains the Same

As we continue to venture down our Fashion for Farm Girls path I think we probably need to back up a bit and maybe start with some basics.  I was so very excited to start this blog about fashion that I jumped right in and started sharing ideas about what was the “in “ item for the season, things I could not live without or the perfect shade of nail polish.

Since I started my blog I now have new followers who actually email me questions!  Can you believe it? So much fun!!  Welcome Aboard fellow fashionistas, we are happy to have you.

So, getting back to my thought for this blog, thinking we need to get back to the basics of style.  What is your fashion style? Yes, everyone has one and if you don’t think you do then do some homework and get one! 
I believe the goal of personal style is to change your look each and every day if you wish but always continue to look like yourself. 

I find myself doing fashion homework all the time. I love to look in magazines and read books on what is the latest and greatest. I recently came across the
Six Ways
to Find Your Style and thought I would share with all of you.  This will help you on your journey to becoming a Fun Fashionable Farm Girl.  Many of you are already fun and farm girls we are just gonna help with the fashion piece of it.

  •  Make Tear Sheets – read lots of books and magazines and tear out photos that interest you. Over time you will find there is a pattern to what you like, what is timeless and what is trendy.
  • Write Your Own Style History – where does your style come from, I believe mine came from my grandma. She was eclectic and pure fabulousness all in one.  We will blog about her later – stay tuned.
  • Try Lots of Looks – Experiment! Try on lots of things to know what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Ask Yourself Questions – What flatters you? What fabrics do you love?  What in your closet do you come back to again and again?
  • Find Your Style Icon – This is simple, find someone who you emulate and talk to them!
  • Make An Effort – Style does not appear on its own, you must make some sort of effort to try.
As said by the famous Italian designer Miuccia Prada~
People ask me how I can be stylish and elegant, what can I wear?  My only answer is to study, you have to learn! “

I love to study fashion , my fashion bible – I love your style by Amanda Brooks and I can thank her for many of the thoughts that I include on my blogs – Thanks Amanda – you are the best!!

So what is your personal style? What defines you? Excited to be a part of your style journey- it is a constant evolving process, we switch and change but eventually you come to a balance and find the style within you!

(thank you Coco Chanel for inspiring a great title for todays blog)


  1. Celeste, I believe you may be my long lost sister! I love this stuff!

    A few years ago, I went through a major fashion overhaul and closet purge. I'm still learning how to be a style diva, but a few books really helped me. The short list, if I may:

    I love Nothing to Wear by Jesse Garza and Joey Lupo. And of course Tim Gunn's A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style. It's So You by Mary Sheehan Walker and I Don't Have a Thing to Wear: The Psychology of Your Closet by Judie Taggart are favs. Finally, I pay homage to the grandmother of all color typing books, Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson.

    Put it all together and I'm a Classic Chic Winter who, for the first time in her life, loves everything in her closet!

    You've won my heart and a spot on the blogroll at ee, Celeste. Keep 'em coming, sister.

  2. I love using Pinterest to make style sheets!