Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Do I Do It?

Recently I read a great article in Farm and Dairy – “Emotion Trumps Science Everytime~ Farmers need to start with Why” by Susan Crowell
I applaud Susan for such a tremendous message!  I too have always been one to think this.  I believe science is a great resource at our fingertips and we need science for facts and figures to support the things we believe in.  However I also think that when we are out AGvocating that the why we do it seems to always hit it out of the ball park.

Why do I do what I do ? Why do I ranch? Why do I AGvocate?
For me it is really quite simple~

  • I am steeped in the heritage of my family roots
  • I love waking up on the weekend and going with my dad to check cows about to calve
  • I love taking my niece- Baby Paige- with me on my four wheeler to feed at night
  • I love fixing fence and water troughs – well maybe not love but it gives me the opportunity to be out with the cows and that is what I love.
  • I love my ag family
  • I love the smell of sweet hay
  • I love the smell of cows – really I do !
  • I love watching my dad each spring prepare to plant his vegetable garden, order his seeds, start them in little trays and then take them out to grow his own little personal crop
  • I love seeing my mom prepare her menus each year as she takes food to us during branding time!
  • I love the industry I have grown up in and feel it is my obligation as a fellow farmer/rancher to share my story with all who I can engage in conversation.
  • I love caring for the animals, taking care of the little ones when maybe they cant get it done on their own
  • I love warm baby calves on the floor of my truck on cold nights
  • I love baby sheep bleating in a big box on the floor of my living room by the pot belly stove waiting for me to feed them
  • I love all the cows lined up on the “cow trail” walking to the water trough in a perfect line like they are on a mission
  • I love feeding hay on the back of the flatbed as my brother drives and taking time between fields to sit on the hay and admire the beauty of it all
  • I love to eat – too much at times – and because of farmers I am able too!
  • I love cowboy boots – I have all sorts!
  • I love carhart jackets and gloves and ball cap kinda days
  • I love YOU, my dear farming friends for helping me become my best self.

I love it because I do not know anything else this is who I am , who I have become and who I will continue to be.  I am dedicated to the industry I love and to each of my fellow farmers and ranchers.  For I owe it to them to share my story , I owe it to them to show them it can be done , hopefully empowering them to tell theirs and do the same.
Its all quite simple – when someone asks me why do you farm/ranch? Why do you do what you do ?
My answer – because I LOVE it and I cant imagine doing anything else.
That’s Why !

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  1. And I love You and all that you do, your great family and families like yours! It's also why I get up at 5 am, work on Saturdays, get one day a week off. I love farming, I love being a part of an industry that feeds people healthy, fresh food. I love seeing the sun rise, being with hard working, good people, and all that goes with it.