Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fashion Friday on a Tuesday !

So I couldnt wait until Friday to post my new favorite thing - the Canvas Tote that looks like a real Birken bag!  Its the All Together Bag !  It comes in red, blue and camel and the greatest news ----------------- it is only $35.00

It is lined and has lots of room to use as a reusable shopping tote, a gym bag or just as a carry all for everything you need!

Just too cute not to post asap!  I couldn't wait until Fashion Friday.

They are unfortunately on back order but place your order ad they ship sometime in March. Check them out here.



  1. I LOVE how you keep me so chic and hip Miss Celeste. I love this bag and am totally checking it out now. During our long weekend get away I did some shopping. Needless to say I have a few cute new spring items for California sunshine this week!

  2. I just googled Birken Bag. Looks like a real one would cost me $1325. $35 canvas is much more my style!