Friday, March 8, 2013

My Day on a Kansas Farm

My speaking adventures take me to a lot of amazing places, most recently to Kansas- I got the opportunity to spend a couple days on a Kansas Cattle Farm.  I was in love.  For those who know me know I love Middle America, I love the simple life of day to day chores and family values. I love the opportunity to wear my “ chore clothes” and no makeup and a ball cap.     Climbing into the tractor cab, feeding cows and calves, hauling water, checking cows getting ready to calve, having a warm lunch at grandmas – it was the perfect setting for a perfect day and I was in heaven.

I was on a big farm that spread miles across the Kansas prairie, yet it was still a family farm. No hired hands just mom and dad and the kids getting after it day after day. Working hard, doing what they had to do to juggle their day to make it all work. 

I wish everyone, all of our consumers, could visit a family farm, and realize that sometimes a family farm is a big farm with all the values and the integrity and the honest hard work of what they only a small farm possesses.  Cause sometimes a small farm becomes successful and grows up. 

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