Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Be A Blessing~

A  new year is closely approaching and with a new year brings new beginnings, fresh starts and a sense of a clean slate !  It is like a birthday !  I love birthdays and celebrations, don’t you? It’s another year that has given me the  opportunity to blog and share my thoughts with all of you  and for that I am forever grateful. Why? It makes me better, it makes me think, it makes me create a connect to people for whom I don’t know yet who I create a friendship.

Many of you might wonder – Celeste who are you ? I thought it might be fun to share my thoughts of me, so sit back and grab a cup of tea or whatever your drink of fancy and enjoy!

Who am I ?
I am real, my face showing signs of living, small lines around my eyes from years of smiles, laughter and joy at livestock shows with the people she calls family.  A wrinkle or two or three from days spent in the hot sun helping on the farm or ranch or with animal projects, feeding cows and sheep.

My character would be one of strength yet softness. I may cry at any given moment when overcome with emotion from an animal that has lost its life after hours or even days of hard work in trying to keep it alive. Yet I am strong and realize that there is a time and place for it all and  will face what comes to me with grace.

Everyone will want to be on  my side. I am a good friend, a confident, a lover of children, a dedicated daughter , sister and aunt. I try to  align myself with those that are like me yet also with those who push me and challenge me and make me better.  I am not afraid to expand my boundaries and learn new things, finding miracles in all that is out there.

I am committed to a number of causes probably giving more than I should at times , feeling overwhelmed and learning to delegate though at times finding it difficult and then getting a bit goofy with herself for biting off too much.

I am fiercely loyal to my family , my friends and my convictions. I will offer you a tissue , a cup or tea, a beer or a glass of wine whatever suites you  when you need it but give you a swift kick in the behind when I think t is the best thing for you , to get you out there and make it your best.

I am focused, committed, chaotic and charming (or so I think) I will always make time for young people sharing my knowledge of speaking and livestock and leadership. Yet at times can be running in a million directions for myself , my family , my ranch and yes even some of you and the adventures that take me there, all the while trying to keep a smile on my face though sometimes showing stress and being ok with it all.

i love to travel but love coming back to the ranch even more. I likes getting flowers, and wearing jewelry and makeup and crazy boots and clothing . I might take up a fair amount of time creating eclectic outfits but is most comfortable with the cows in a pair of jeans, a ball cap and a carhart coat! 

I try to always be fair and truthful and shy from saying anything negative but if you ask will be the first to share my thoughts as truthful yet as kind as I can.

I will lend you an ear, a shoulder to cry on , a necklace to match your show outfit and show stick. I will nurture you , support you, let you fall apart and build you back up.

I am your friend, I am blessed beyond belief and I hope that I can be a small blessing to those I come in contact with  – this is is me !

Thank you for your constant commitment, your notes, your encouraging words.  I love what I do and it is because of each of you that have made me come to where I am and for that I am grateful.

Lets get excited about 2013, lets make it the year of success and miracles and good things for ourselves and our projects. 


  1. LOVE IT! New follower, come check me out, looks like we both blog about the same things. I'm from Nebraska and was raised on a farm, and of course, live the farm life now to!

  2. Great introduction about yourself to us newer readers. Thanks so much for being willing to share so openly!

  3. Thanks so much ~ I certainly appreciate your kind words
    I hope you enjoy my blog - I try to do something once a week but it never seems to work out that way :)

    Kelsey - I will be sure to check you out - I love Nebraska!!! I have been there the past two summers ! And Fort Western - looking forward to seeing more of you here !