Friday, August 3, 2012

Ranch Girls are still Girls

Its no secret.....................................I love clothes! I love to create fun outfits and accessorize with piles of bracelets and a fun scarf - it seems to be who I am - Celeste always has a pile of bracelets and a scarf -that's me  !!

Its no secret..................................I love meeting new people. Many times after I get engaged in a conversation they ask what I do - I tell them that I work in agriculture and that my family has a cattle ranch. They then say " You don't look like a cattle rancher." 

My answer is always the same - " What does a cattle rancher look like?" 

Many times they just look at me and don't say a whole heck of alot -

So today's post is short and sweet - YES ranch girls are still girls and they can play dress up and enjoy makeup and paint their nails and feel good about themselves. And sometimes we wear no makeup and a ball cap and ripped jeans and a tshirt ..........................and that's ok too !!!

Shout out to all Ranch Girls - thank you for your inspiration, your guts, your tenacity and your fashion tips - I just love ya !!!

 P. S. ( I just love this picture - it says it all - I am not sure who owns it but I did not take it - some fabulous person captured it all and I say thank you :) - I hope you don't mind me borrowing it)


  1. Ha! So true. I'm not a girly-girl by any means but my 9-year-old sister has been going to the barn in dresses, skirts, and all kinds of girly outfits (plus mud boots!) since she could walk!

  2. JRoades - me either but love to dress up !
    I am ranch girl as they come :)
    My little niece is the same way - always her cowboy boots or mudders and some sort of princess dress:0
    Thanks so much for following along ~~~~~

  3. Hi! I ran across your blog via cowgirl crush & pinterest. This photo is of my daughter & her steer Tshnizzle. We don't mind if you use the photo, it's an awesome photo! However, we'd like for our info to keep traveling on w/ it. & the photographer Thanks! :)

    1. Good Morning JKlstock~
      First of all let me apologize for using this photo and not knowing where it came from - someone sent this to me awhile back and I just fell in love with it! It truly is awesome ! I am so sorry for not giving credit but you can bet we are gonna give credit now :) I think Courntey over at Cowgirl might have had it in her collection too as I did not send it to her for the guest blog - but it sure seems to pop up when talking fashion - I am going in now to promote you on my facebook page and give proper credit - thank you so much for saying something - I certainly meant no harm in it and completely understand!! Thanks so much and I am hoping you continue to follow along !

  4. Love this photo.
    Reminds me of my daughters!!!!!