Friday, August 24, 2012

4 Minutes of Fame

Each week I have the unique opportunity to have four full minutes of fame ! I love it !
What can be more exciting ?  I get to visit with my dear friend Trent Loos on Rural Route Radio for Fashion Friday where we talk trends , designers and those things that are featured on store shelves that tickle my fancy !

You can listen each week to Fashion Friday by following along at Faces of Agriculture

Nothing says back to school like a locker makeover 

Today we talk trends for Back to School ~ Do you have a favorite Back to School find? 
Lets take some time to share them!

That's it for this week - short and sweet ! Until next time ! 

(and if you are wondering who this adorable little kiddo is -that's Baillie - her mom is my friend, Lynne,  she blogs too - check her out- Adventures of a 4-H Mom- guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and sometimes go " Yeah I so can relate to that"

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