Friday, June 29, 2012

Think Outside the Box

This past week two music sensations have literally "popped!"  The Peterson Brothers of Kansas and Scott Shelby of Texas.  These young men have taken their talents and showcased their love of American Agriculture with a whole different twist than you and I might ever think of doing. 

The Peterson Brothers changed a popular pop tune into a farm themed song and played it out in a you-tube video on their farm. Farming, Ranching, Singing, Dancing, Celebrating what they do ! That's it ! That Simple! You can watch their video that is now well over 1.5 million views here Peterson Brothers - I'm Farming and I Grow It  

Scott Shelby has followed his dream by heading to Nashville, Tennessee this past week where his hit WagonWheel is now available on i-tunes!  Scott has taken his passion to numerous venues throughout the United States including national junior cattle shows, state fairs, and private events.  You can find out more about Scott following his dream at  His first official music video Young and Invincible can be seen here 
Young and Invincible.

So whats my point with all of this?  Besides promoting these young men following their passion my point with all of it is they are AGvocating for American Agriculture and might not even know it.  By doing what you love and believing with your whole heart and soul about rural life they are expressing that by thinking outside the box , trying something new and different and fun and in the meantime thousands of us in rural america are following along on their coat tails.  By sharing the you-tubes and i-tunes songs and videos we are sharing in a piece of their dream and really a piece of our own.  To showcase what we love and what so many of us believe in and do each and every day.  How many of us that blog and tweet and facebook on a daily basis have already used these guys as topics for discussion this past week?  I have , I have!! And I am proud of that , proud to be a cheerleader of others doing good for all of us! 

Support those that support us - check them out - enjoy - have fun and when you decide that its high time that you start AGvocating get out there and do it - Just be YOU , be YOURSELF, showcase your God-given talents and get after it !  

American Agriculture needs ALL of us !  YOU have a special way to showcase what you do - Just Do It - Its that simple.

Best Wishes Boys - Proud of you for following your passion- the world needs more of you !
I for one am a crazed fan :) 

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