Friday, April 6, 2012

many happy returns ~ guest blog

Well today is a BIG day for The Couture Cowgirl ~ Why you ask?
Its our first ever guest blog!  I am really quite blessed by the circle of friends I have met via social media, many of whom I have yet to meet in person.  But sometimes you come across someone you just know will be your "real life" friend once you meet them.

 Aimee Whetstine is one of those special people.

I have followed Aimee and for almost a year now.  She peaked my interest because she was a young woman that was not entrenched in day to day agriculture like me but she stood up for farmers and ranchers like no other. When she did not know something about what we do she did her homework, she asked questions, she connected the dots, she created the conversation.

Thank you Aimee for being a tremendous advocate for American Agriculture, for having a faith that is contagious to all who read your blog, and for having that common sense approach so many of us are missing in our day to day life.    Enjoy our blog today as Aimee takes a try at a fashion  - "Many Happy Returns" caught my eye and thought it would fit perfectly in The Couture Cowgirl spot today.

I hope y'all enjoy Aimee as much as I do - follow her blog weekly at
I will guarantee it will bring a fresh perspective to your day.  Enjoy -

Until Next Time ~

Many Happy Returns - 

Returns. The ability to take things back. Don’t know how I would shop otherwise.
Sperry cute
The crazy town that is Macy’s during a shoe sale is no place to make a decision. It’s grab and go. Four pairs snagged at the pre-sale this past Saturday should be on their way to me from Kansas City as you read this.
Will I keep all four? Probably not. I don’t need them all. But I couldn’t decide in the store.
They all fit. All comfortable. All on sale. Allgorgeous. If I left them in Macy’s unspoken for, I risked losing them to another suitor.
Remember The Limited’s old return policy?No sale is ever final. Those were the days.
Now you have to watch and make sure you don’t overstay the time limit. Sixty days are standard for generous stores and online orders. Thirty at the trendsetters. And always, always, keep your receipts.
put me in, Coach
My method is three-pronged. Try on once I get home. Make a decision as soon as possible. Return upon deciding. Not a moment to lose. While there is still time for the credit to hit my charge card’s current billing cycle.
From the pages of their books and blogs, wardrobe consultants urge me to go in with a list. Shop the list. Buy only what’s on the list.
I had a list this past Saturday. Silver sandals,black sandalsother comfortable shoes.
Macy’s, however, did not get a copy of my list when they sent their buyers a-purchasing for spring 2012. Maybe it’s too early in the season for sandals. Maybe comfort is out this year.
Nothing was a perfect fit for my list. Nothing except for the four pairs that fell into the catch-all category other comfortable shoes.
Sam Edelman stripes done right
Buying and returning is not an efficient way to shop. Yet I think the wardrobe consultants would side against efficiency in this case.
They consistently tell me dressing stylishly and within your means takes an effort. It takes time. And it’s worth the investment.
As image consultant Brenda Kinsel writes in Brenda’s Bible: Escape Fashion Hell and Experience Heaven Every Time You Get Dressed, “You’re allowed to change your mind. It’s one of the redemptions you have in life… (p. 42)”
Redemption in shopping and returns.
Sold to the lady wearing the gorgeous shoes.
I have swept away your offenses like a cloud,
your sins like the morning mist.
Return to Me,
for I have redeemed you. Isaiah 44:22 NIV

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