Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy National Ag Day ~ Thankful Thursday

We are taking a break from my weekly Fashion Friday segment to mix things up a bit and create a Thankful Thursday ~ how does that sound?  Because if we break it down , without the farmer to grow the cotton to make the fabulous clothes we wouldnt have a Fashion Friday - right?

Today is National Ag Day !  A special thanks to the farmers and ranchers in America who tirelessly work each and every day to provide an abundance of choices for the American consumer.  And to the American consumer- Thank You for without you we would not be in business. 

Today I stand proud to be a voice for our industry, to be a face to agriculture, a friend to my fellow farmers and ranchers and a resource to those of you who might have a question about where your food comes from or how it is produced.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to be raised on a farm and to still live there to this very day.  To having day to day interaction with my mom and dad and grandma and grandpa and a wide array of cows, horses, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats!  I am the person I am today because of the experiences from the farm.  From the glorious birth of baby animals to the struggles of disking a crop due to poor markets and everything in between- the Farm has created me. It has taught me about tremendous joys and extreme lows- it taught me LIFE.

Blessed to be a part of it all ~  Thank You doesn’t seem like enough!
Do you know a Farmer or Rancher? Reach out - Talk to them - Start a Conversation!
Dont know one- Talk to me - we have a whole wonderful world of them eager to start the conversation, connect the dots and create a relationship with their consumers!

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