Friday, February 17, 2012

The “Rag” ~ a fashionable accessory on and off the Farm

I have worn a “rag” for quite some time . What is a “rag” you ask? Rag= a large square of material that can be wrapped around the neck numerous times and then tied in the front with a classy knot.  Rags have been used for years worn by cowboys in the winter pulled up over their face to protect from the elements or in the summers dipped in water to keep cool. Rags come in all colors, patterns, textures and designs.  Traditional cowboys tend to have their rags handmade or purchased through western magazines or retail outlets.

Me? My rags for day to day use on the ranch are usually the traditional red or blue bandana that can be bought anywhere for under a $1.00. I do use these to keep the hay dust out of my nose or I have dipped it in the water trough a time or two to keep me cool and yes just sometimes I have used it to blow my nose – I know gross it may seem but when you are out and about and you don’t have a Kleenex the rag comes in handy and don’t worry I don’t tie it back around my neck – ewwww! However  when I dress up a bit and want to wear a rag I tend to go towards fashionable retail stores. I love silk rags or ones that are bright and cheery.  I pair it with my carhart coat and voila – instant barn chic!  I use my rags as a fashion accessory!  Here is an example of me and my rag along with some good friends  ~ 

One good thing about wearing a rag, if your hair gets a bit out of control like mine tends to do a time or two I can use it as a hair tie or head band !

Until next time ~


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  2. OH awesome stuff - thanks so much for sharing with all of us !!