Friday, February 24, 2012

My Love Affair With Men's Shirts

So I have to tell you women are not the only ones that can be fashionably obsessed. I have plenty of guy friends who are just as crazy as me if not worse.  Today we will focus on mens shirts!  I am loving the dress shirts that are striped or plaid with a different cuff – like this !

Instead of the usual solid colored dress shirt, patterned mens shirts create a nice play of colors and textures.   Honestly, I don’t think many men will jump outside the box and head into the unknown. But there are a few of my fellas out there that I know will take the plunge. Stripes, checks, gingham and paisley ~ I love them all . I think they are fun and different and bold! 

My most favorite look ~ nice jeans, cowboy boots and an untucked shirt like these!
Guys I am telling ya! Really! Take a walk on the wild side and have some fun!

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