Friday, January 13, 2012

Some Tips,Staples and the Ever Classics

“Innovation!  One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics” Coco Chanel


Fashion Shopping Tips

1.       Spend money on great shoes because they can make or break an outfit. You can even wear them with jeans and look fabulous!
2.       Buy items that fit your lifestyle. If you know you are going to live in your jeans then it is ok to spend $150 a pair especially if you had to try on dozens to find the right fit. Buy clothes to suit your lifestyle.
3.       Spend money on staples on shoes, bags, a cashmere sweater, a black pair of pants and skimp on belts, socks, trendy tops, scarves, hats and sunglasses. .
4.       Before you shop know what you own. Make a point to go through your closet at the beginning of every season.  Organize your closet by colors and season – sounds crazy but really worth it!
5.       Invest in undergarments because the right foundation garments can make everything you own look better – I learned this from my mom – wearing good underware is a must!!!
6.       Tear out magazine photos of neat outfits you wish to emulate- or take photos of store front mannequins.

Celeste’s Closet Staples
·          Jeans
·          White shirts – long sleeve,short sleeve and tank
·          Loafers
·          Nice large bag
·          Clutch
·          Camel trousers
·          Blazer
·          Strand of pearls with earrings
·          Simple wrap dress
·          Timeless watch
·          Sunglasses to suit your face J
·          A great pair of cowboy boots

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